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Time's Vortex: The Collapse of the Bubble.


What if the earth existed in a cosmic time bubble, and one day, that bubble suddenly popped? This mind-bending premise sets the stage for an epic voyage of discovery in this groundbreaking novel.

In the blink of an eye, humanity goes from living in the year 2021 to confronting the distant future. The stars overhead warp into unrecognizable configurations, a clear sign that time outside the planet has raced forward. The sudden disruption sends shockwaves through societies worldwide, as every belief, from science to religion, is challenged.

Under the unfathomable night sky, humanity now must grapple with its apparent insignificance in the grand timeline of the universe. The resulting confusion, fear, and eventual resilience form the crux of the story.

Follow a group of uniquely skilled individuals, including an astrophysicist, a political leader, an under-appreciated theoretical physicist, and even a newly developed AI. Through their experiences, readers witness humanity's attempt to decipher messages from other advanced civilizations, breakthroughs in technology allowing us to venture into the universe, and humanity's fracturing and eventual unity in the face of the unknown.


From fear and denial to acceptance and adaptation, the characters' journey mirrors humanity's struggle to cope with the knowledge that they have been out of sync with the universe. 

As humans venture out into the cosmos and encounter beings from entirely different epochs, they come to accept a new role in this boundless, timeless future. Despite seeming insignificant, they hold on to their unique potential, courageously charting their course in the unending cosmic expanse.

This book is an exploration of humanity's response to sudden, unimaginable change, charting the progress of societies and individuals as they grapple with challenges that come with knowledge and exploration. The narrative is a stirring symphony of human resilience, adaptability, and undying curiosity. The cosmic veil has lifted, and what lies beyond is both terrifying and mesmerizing, much like this narrative itself.

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